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As you begin your spiritual journey, the balance of the mind, body, spirit is vital to the journey. The Ego is driven by the negative thoughts where as the higher self will always have thoughts of others, love, and compassion. When you begin to recognize that your thoughts are driven by the Ego, you can begin to replace those thoughts with positive ones!

The Ego loves to derail good intentions. It loves to seek pain and suffering for the body/self. It will always put itself (Ego) first above all. Where by the higher self / soul will always be about love and helping others and compassion. It can be simple as negative thoughts are Ego driven where loving / positive thoughts are the higher self.

As I started my spiritual journey 3 years ago, I began to focus on myself and the areas that I needed to heal and improve upon. I had to eliminate the negative thoughts that dominated my mind and replace them with loving/positive thoughts. It was hard. I started to focus on how many times a day I was negative. It was a bit more than I’d like to admit. After I caught myself saying something negative or ego driven I would say “clear cancel and delete” or visually picture the thought or words on a white board and visually erase the words or image. Let me tell you i was busy erasing!!!

After a while I realized I was walking around without thought. My mind was at peace. It is this peace that allows for you to receive messages from the Angels and in my case, animals. You have heard it said “to be open to receive messages from the Angels.” People ask the question….HOW? Well you need to quiet your mind and in order to do so, you need to suppress the Ego and the negative thoughts that dominate your mind.

I challenged anyone listening to the show tonight – July 29th at 8pm (on Blog Talk Radio) to try this for a week and post on their results. I guarantee this will change lives. It sure did for me!!

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