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As the saying goes; People come into your life for a reason, a season, or life time Here’s my story of someone who came for a reason and a season and changed the direction of my life forever.
I knew Sean for a few years. He was “the boy next door.”  He was a casual friend.  We knew some of the same people in our neighborhood and we both shared the same birthday. He was eccentric and different. He only had a few friends and never drove a car or rode in one either, because had agoraphobia. He would always be within walking distance of his home.
Sean was very intelligent and I knew that he had a couple of different degrees online from a University. Sean would help me with my computer if I had a challenge, or we would chat for a few minutes when I saw him around or by the pool. This went on for a couple of years.  He was also extremely shy.  He never dated.  Most of the neighbors felt it was because of the condition he lived with. Sean was 23.  I was a few years older.  Because of his agoraphobia, he never really dated at all.  He invited a few of us to cook out with him after we had spent the afternoon hanging out with him at the pool.  He had his own apartment and supported himself very well, working from home.  He had a good education, he was very good looking and also in great shape.  It is easy to be in good shape when you are 6′ 2″.  I drove a red sports car and had a great business, bikini and a nice bank account.  Those were the most important things to me at the time.  I meditated and coached people too .. when I made time.
I went to Sean’s cook out, along with two others.  He was a great cook, by the way.  I asked where he had learned to cook, and he said he had lots of time to practice.  I had never had any in-depth conversations with him, until that night.  The others left and we spent the next several hours talking about many things that were important to us both.  It was the first time I had experienced such openness and depth with a guy.  We learned about each other’s families, spirituality, our belief in God, angels, and too many topics to name or remember.  I asked him why and how he became agoraphobic.  He said, “Atthe age of 12, I had a dream I would die in a car accident.  I would be young when it happened.  I have never ridden in a car since.
 We talked about it until the early hours of the morning.  I remember feeling a connection with him that was more than attraction. He was part of my soul and I was part of his. He had never even kissed a woman.  When we started kissing and one thing led to another, I realized the way he touched me that he had never been with anyone before.  I asked him if I was the first one he had been intimate with and he said yes.  Then I said,  “Listen, this is important. The first time you’re with someone you should be in love with them so it will be special.”   We stopped fooling around, of course, and he disagreed.  He told me love is a force we have available and we have found it tonight.  Of course we still stopped because he had come to that conclusion himself and I bought in the mass consciousness of everyone’s opinion and made it my own.  We  live in the same neighborhood so I took my baggage; the equivalent of emotional blocks and walked home.  A few days later I saw him outside of my door and I answered.  He looked at me and said, ” Come over.”  I had been thinking about my fun quirky neighbor since I left him. I went with him.  We talked and made spaghetti and drank wine.  He showed me how to create the sauce.. Homemade too. That night he took charge with cooking in the kitchen and in the bedroom.  The way he touched and caressed,.kissed, licked, and tasted megave me a feeling I had never experienced before. He did everything and it was like that movie,  “What women want.”  I asked him how he learned so quickly. His response was,  “I am connected to the force of love and I love you.”  Then he smiled and said, “The internet helped too.”
We spent the next 6 months together; he taught me to cook and I taught him about angels.  We watched movies, read books, painted, wrote,  talked, slept, made love and taught each other many things.  We experienced so much joy love and passion without limits.
I left his house one morning and told him I would catch him later.  I was in a meeting and finished.  I got a call from a mutual friend.  My world stopped when  he told me Sean had been killed in a car accident.  I can’t tell you the feelings I felt.  Words cannot describe. My biggest question at the time was, Why would he get in a car?” I am going to share this last most important idea and lesson.  I hope it gives you insight on your own life as it has mine.
Sean came to me in a dream about 2 weeks after he left.  Here is the message he shared with me:  Terryee it was my time.  I agreed to leave at the time I did. My soul’s purpose was to experience the force of love available to us all.  I wanted to experience spiritual love, physical love and emotional love like I have experienced with you and I gave the same love to you to experience with me. You will experience this force of  love and connection with another one day.  Remember we will see each other again; all of us always do. LIfe never ends; it is forever. On our birthday we share, wherever I am, I will always send you love and wish you a happy birthday, and I know you will do the same. Always lead with your heart In everything you do and expect to enjoy the force of lovewithout limits.”
Thanks for reading this story.  It is the first time I have shared with anyone. I wanted to share hoping it will help you, like it did me. I  learned so much with this relationship and please don’t say “how sad.” Look at the lessons and the knowledge I have and remember the joy and the realization; I will have this love for someone again.  Love is a force Sean  shared with me. We can tap in and have 0 limits on how much or how often we experience it.  Life is forever, and all of us will meet again, soul agreements are real and we plan the life we live and hopefully live a life we love, always lead with my heart in all that I do.  I like that I get to do this love again with someone else. We all can if we choose.

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