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Why do we plan before we are born to have certain experiences – including great challenges in our lives? We are put on this earth to balance emotions, energies and experiences from prior lifetimes. This balance allows us to learn and grow spiritually as a soul. Way you can see that we have windows into these former lives we have experienced is through things like deja vu, appeal to specific times in history (for me it was WW2), and unexplained fears. These are just windows into the past, a snap shot that your soul sends you to learn about your spirit self.
The people we meet, the family we have all been chosen for us in soul planning groups prior to birth. It is at these meetings that souls and soul guides decide what your incarnation will be, the lessons to learn and the experiences you experience. Often times souls chose the same souls to incarnate with over several lifetimes. My mother and father have shared many lifetimes with me, experienced many things together in various forms (my mother was my sister or my father was my mother). It is not by happenstance that you have the close friends you do. It all has a reason.

Most people think of Karma as a comic debt but in reality it’s a lack or absence of balance in an experience. Karma is not balanced by doing good to someone else as you may think. It is not by doing something to someone that balances one’s karma. It is by going THROUGH the experience with oneself. There are two types of Karma balancing. Balancing Karma which is when the soul experiences all sides of an issue where by releasing karma is when the underlying causes of the original reason of the imbalance is resolved. This distinction between the two are important because unless we heal the underlying causes of our karma, we tend to create new karma even after the original karma is balanced.

We often plan our soul plan with challenges and other life experiences to heal various energies and aspects that may be unreleased. For example: In a former past life “mary” witnessed her mother being shot by her mother’s boyfriend. Mary in that lifetime decided to kill herself. When Mary’s soul was in the planning of her new incarnation, she was aware that she had an energy of unresolved trauma. To balance this energy out, Mary chose to be incarnated into another lifetime where she was deaf so that no similar trauma would occur so she can complete her healing from her past life. Life plans are designed to heal certain energies left unresolved from our prior lifetimes: judgment (including self), blame, anger, guilt, and other negative emotions.

On a soul level we desire to be of service to others is a major motivation for planning certain life experiences. It’s an accelerated path of spiritual evolution. What you teach, you learn. what you give you receive. All experiences are learning. We often learn by contrast. So our soul plans for us to learn via contrast. A soul may be incarnate in this lifetime to learn generosity by living a lifetime of lack of money or live with individuals who are not giving, therefore allowing the soul to know that it is generosity that gives the most reward in return.

Three layers of soul and healing false beliefs
There are three layers of soul….
-Spirit self which is the core of our being – Spirit / God or I AM presence – all wise/all love
-Soul self which evolves through experiences. Soul self can makes mistakes and it can forget its connect to spirit and feel cut off from love from which it is created.
-Earthly personality experiences the lifetime and is inspired by the soul self. The soul self learns from experiences of the earthly personality . It works hand and hand. The Soul self knows more than earthly personalities but not necessarily align w/ the Spriit self. This is where you as a soul need to send out the positive energies to receive the positive in return as an earthly personality.

Victim Consciousness is the belief that you have been victimized by a person, experience or life in general. Vibrates at a low frequency. Victim consciousness tends to be self-perpetuating – You believe you are victim you will vibrate at a low frequency and energetically draw yourself to experience that which will confirm in your mind that you are a victim . One key to breaking this cycle is to RELASE the blame. You will release blame when you take responsibility for having agreed that this is the experience you had planned in this lifetime. We are here to embrace and transmute all discordant (unloving ) energies. The energies we don’t transmute in prior lifetimes will come to us in this lifetime so we may transmute it in this one.

When we resist any aspect of our life….we resist healing too. The purposes of life challenges in a soul plan is to embrace that which we have so far resisted. The life challenge is healed in the same way, through the realization that YOU have the power over what we think, say and do within this lifetime. Our experiences in life is not determined by our life plan but how we respond to this plan. How you make of it will determine the level of learning.

Are you going through rough times? Do you have a very upsetting relationship? Are you going through a death in the family? Are you upset about what you see on the news?

Is it not fascinating to know that all of this is planned out? These soul plans are not only made to impact you as an individual but also humanity. When you can grasp the reasons why you are here, understand that your experiences have purpose, and know that learning is vital to your soul’s plan……….. the challenges you face daily will be easier to handle. We all have a purpose here!!!

—- Victoria

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