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As humans, we have this special bond with animals. There are more people who have animals in their home, than don’t. This close bond has allowed us to really know what our animal wants or needs and this is not by happenstance. Just like with people, we can feel the energy of our animals. We can tell when they are happy or sad and this is not only by observing their behavior. We can communicate with them!!
In order to communicate with you pet, you will need to prepare yourself.

1. First you should learn and discern between the ego and your higher self. The reason for this is that the ego will always try to tell you that you are “hearing things”. You aren’t hearing things you are hearing your pets talk. So try to quietly your mind. If the ego shows himself while you are trying to quiet it, simply tell your ego he/she isn’t welcome at this time.

2. Next you will need to clear your energy of anything negative. We sometimes get energies transferred onto ourselves by simply being exposed to negative people or situations. You can call on Archangel Michael to protect and clear you from negativity. You will want to be able to feel your pet’s energy vice your own.

3. Look into your pets eyes when you talk to them. Talk to them often as if they can hear you clearly. In the beginning you’ll feel awkward talking to them but know that they do hear you. They just need to learn how to communicate in return. So the eyes are the gateway to their soul and your higher self can communicate to the soul.

4. Trust what you get in return. It may not happen immediate but be OPEN to what you do get. If you don’t hear anything it’s ok, they are learning to communicate. Don’t let your ego convince you that your pet doesn’t want to talk to you. They LOVE talking to you. It just takes some practice on their part as well as practice on yours. When they do talk to you, it will sound like a normal conversation / statement.

Trust what you get from your pets and with practice you too will become a strong animal communicator. Communicating with your animal will help you help them…. you’ll know when they aren’t feeling well, when they are happy, or when they desire you to do something different for them.

Animals just like humans are souls who chose to come into this lifetime with you. You were chosen by your pet for a reason. As you communicate with your pet, your love for them will deepen and become such a fulfilling relationship. 🙂

— Victoria

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