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I know the word meditation seems so complicated.   You always ask yourself, “Am I doing this right?”   “Is it working?”.   You read about meditation and it’s an elaborate method of setting up a sacred space, candles, incense, alters etc.   It varies depending on who wrote the information about meditation.   I am here to tell you, it’s not that complicated.

A sacred place is a place you feel most comfortable in.   If you are comfortable laying down, in bed so be it.   Some say you can sit in a chair.  Either way it is a place where you can relax and focus.   It’s called a sacred place because it will become your special place where you can focus and meditate uninterrupted.

The candles or incense is up to you.   Eventually when you become more accustomed to meditation and you wish to pay homage or give gratitude for a specific angel or ascended master, you can chose candles (colors or scents) that these angels/ ascended masters enjoy.   I know that was intimidating for me to figure out because I had no clue who I would attract when I meditated.   Remember it’s your intention that counts when you meditate.  Adding candles/scents or incense while meditating is icing on the cake.

Quieting the mind is very important and is key to meditation.   When I say quieting your mind you should think of nothing.   What usually works is to focus on your senses.   What you hear, feel, smell….   I have also counted down and went part by part on my body relaxing the muscles in every area of my body.  By the time I got to my head, my mind was clear and ready to go.

Trust that you are doing it right.   Don’t allow the ego to interrupt your meditation.  It is working .. so be confident.  Trust the messages you receive.  Messages will come like a conversation.

Remember to approach your mediation with good intentions.  Thank your angels for all messages you receive regardless if you deem them to be positive or negative.   By negative I mean just that the message came with some tough love involved.

Meditation is a great way to communicate with the angels and your spirit guides, ground yourself, and become more aware of your higher self.   Hopefully after tonight’s show you’ll practice and have this become a part of your daily routine!

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