Paris 545

Ahh…. it disheartens me to know there has been another attack against humanity. The goal of ISIS is to bring upon fear in the world and gain their goal of world dominance. The problem is, is that this is not what they will achieve. ISIS is here to show us what evil is. The divide between good and evil has become very narrow. Where before we used to know there was evil but never experienced it often. Now, we hear of it daily. It won’t be like this for long, good will prevail.

As I have said before in several soul planning shows, ever worldly disaster has a reason and purpose. These strong and courageous Parisians that died today, it was in their cards to help humanity. Help how you ask? Look on Facebook. Look on Twitter? Watch the news. People are praying for others. Events like this bring about massive amounts of compassion. Just think of the increase of positive energy and good that is being sent out to the universe tonight. The Parisians who died, it was their soul plan to die in this manner. It is not for nothing. We, as lightworkers, must unite during these trying times. Send out the loving light, healing light and positive energy to the world. Raise the vibration. it will eat at the negative evil that is infecting this world.

DO not fear or feel vulnerable. These are negatives. They lower our vibrations allowing evil to breed. ISIS wants to make us fearful. DO NOT give in.

Tonight and every nite:

1. Surround Paris in white light. Envision it surrounding the entire country.

2. Send out healing green light (Archangel Raphael) for those who lost family and friends so their heart can heal.

3. Send out protective blue light (Archangel Michael) to everyone to have the courage and strength to be bold and have convictions that GOOD will prevail over evil.

4. Pray for consistent guidance and direction to always keep our thoughts positive so we can raise the vibration in this world and defeat this evil.

We can beat and defeat this evil. Every lightworker reading this has the ability to make a difference with your thoughts and prays.

Let’s Unite!


Light and Love~


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