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It was a difficult topic to discuss on Thursday. Death invokes a lot of emotions that sometimes cloud our higher self. As we saw with Valerie in the example I discussed, Dustin and DC both had a soul agreement from the very beginning that they were to die and early death. Dustin chose to die before he turned 25. His soul did not plan to be in this lifetime for long. He wanted to “get in and get out” and learn what he had to. DC realized that he lived so recklessly. He didn’t value life. He also said that he was reincarnated into this lifetime without a true purpose. All three souls – Valerie, Dustin and DC – have had many lifetimes spent together trying to learn the lesson that Valerie finally achieved in this lifetime. Empathy and compassion.

Remember the lessons souls learn in the lifetime are not only a lesson for themselves but also for other souls. The lessons are for the collective. All lessons are to balance karma. Valerie and Dustin have exchanged roles, where Valerie was the child and Dustin the adult. Souls will switch roles in lifetimes to achieve the balanced lesson souls strive for. We learn from contrast.

Our lives are a plan. Carefully calculated by our soul and their soul family, aided by spirit guides and guardian angels. The challenges we face are there for a reason. The steps to spiritual growth will be the ability to understand the reasons behind it, apply the lesson and move on. Death of a loved one (animal or human) is the most difficult thing a person can experience. One of the most important thing a person can do who faced a death, is to grieve. Cry… cry a lot… let out the emotions and make way for healing. Death is not a punishment for those who have outlived their love one. Remember our soul plan was created out of love for all who are involved. Trust that all you encounter is meant for the betterment of your soul experience in this lifetime.

How cool is that?!


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