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Being Mindful and Meditation 1277

I know the word meditation seems so complicated.   You always ask yourself, “Am I doing this right?”   “Is it working?”.   You read about meditation and it’s an elaborate method of setting up a sacred space, candles, incense, alters etc.   It varies depending on who wrote the information about meditation.   I […]

People come into your life for a reason, season or a lifetime. 2371

As the saying goes; People come into your life for a reason, a season, or life time.  Here’s my story of someone who came for a reason and a season and changed the direction of my life forever. I knew Sean for a few years. He was “the boy next door.”  He was a casual friend.  We […]

Akashic Records, Past lives and Soul Planning…. 1824

Tonight’s show was about the Akashic records… what they are and how you can access them.   The steps are simple but practice will make perfect.  Have clear intentions of what you want to know.  It should be about yourself and a scenario that is specific.  If you ask a vague […]

What is your purpose? 1027

Society should never dictate what you should do in your life. We often times chose professions based on how much money we should make and what job is socially acceptable. How about choosing a profession that is what you are meant to do in this lifetime??? Your soul’s purpose!!! We […]