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Hi Angels, Every day I receive daily questions from people about what are the angels advice regarding love, relationships, career/business prosperity, health and life choices.  Here are two for you to read and maybe the angelic answers will give you insight to your own life.

Dear Terryee,
I have been seeing a guy for six months and the connection has been amazing.  We got into a fight and I told him that I do not want to see him anymore.  I was very upset and realized later the next day that I had made a mistake.  I sent him a text message and also left a voicemail saying how sorry I was and telling him I would like to talk.  He has not responded.  Will he?
– Susan
Dear Susan,
I meditated and thought about your situation, and received an answer from Archangel Raguel, who helps with resolving arguments and disputes.  He said, you and your soul mate will be together again.  This is not the issue.  The real issue is you.  You like control, and you have chosen a soul mate who is much younger and makes less money than you.  You like to be in charge.  You choose to be a benevolent queen, but still a queen.  Where does royalty reside?  On the throne.  Do you want to sit on your throne or walk a daily walk, shoulder to shoulder, with your man?  He is less experienced than you are.  But you both have many things in common.  Come from a place of love and get off your throne to be his mate, and he is yours.
– Terryee
Terryee said, “After Susan read my response, she called and we did a session together.  Her man is ten years younger and financially in a different place than she is. She has started meditating five minutes in the morning with deep breathing and an open heart, to receive love and messages from Raguel, God, and all her angels.  She recently started dating her guy again.  Not as the queen, but the woman who loves and respects her mate and what he brings to the table.  She is learning to come from desire and not a need for control.  By the way, there are too many people who sit on the throne.  Some of you who are reading this, get it, and you’re having a good laugh right about now.”
Dear Terryee,
I have been having the reoccurring crazy dream that I am being murdered or severely abused.  This dream has been happening almost every night for three months.  What does this mean?
– Lisa
Dear Lisa,
We have violent dreams sometimes which may be coming from past life experiences.  Some things to consider:  Why now?  You may have had this situation happen in a previous life when you were around the same age as you are now.  Also, is there a person or people who are in your nightmare that you knew in an earlier life?  One reason we are here is to balance the karma between souls.  What is the solution for you?  Ask to balance the karma with anyone you see or may not see in this dream.  The dreams should end right away or stop in a short amount of time.  You have Archangel Haniel with you.  She helps with our intuition and healing abilities.  Angel Lugh is also with you.  He helps to heal painful situations and bring divine will to us all to live prosperous lives.
Call on these angels and thank both of these light beings for helping you heal and balance this situation for a few minutes every morning, and experience a great abundance of everything wonderful come into your life.

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