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Soul Planning Part 2!
Why does the soul plan to have specific illnesses? How can this possibly be something we want in a lifetime?

We must remember that the duality we see in the world – the good/ bad, right/wrong – sits in marked contrast to the neutrality of the soul. Although the personality tends to judge everything that is encountered in life, the soul sits quietly and contemplatively on the sideline, observing with detached compassion and non-judgment. As you expand our self-concept from personality to soul, we grant ourselves a more accurate self-understanding. We also shift our focus from the pain caused by the life challenges to the wisdom and growth they offer. When we saw punishment, now we see a gift. When we saw a burden, now we see opportunity.

In Jon’s story discussed tonight, AIDS is healing humanity. As he released shame and self-loathing and choose instead to love themselves, they make it easier for every person on Earth to replace self-judgment with self-love. They create a vibration or resonance of love that radiates well beyond their immediate circle around them.

As you shift from the perspective of the personality to that of the soul, you begin to recall the truth we knew before we were born – that our actions, words and thoughts imping upon the entire world. By surmounting the challenges we planned before birth, we create a resonance that heals humanity.
Little in life is what it appears to be and much is the opposite. The feelings of powerlessness, which often result in the the face of serious illness, are actually the byproduct of a life designed by an enormously powerful being (God, IAM, Universe). Our power to plan our lives and create the growth experiences we seek is immense. That power extends to planning lives that include physical illnesses. As souls, we are aware of this reality. As humans, we lose sight of it – by design – until illness and other life challenges calls us into remembrance. When we appear to be powerless, we are in fact rich with wondrous opportunities to rediscover ourselves and thus reclaim our power.

The story tonight and many more life changing examples of soul planning can be found in “Your Soul’s Plan” by Robert Schwartz. This book was instrumental in my healing and progression to gaining more perspective as a soul. It is a life changing book!!! You will see the world through different lenses. AND GROW!

– Victoria 🙂

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