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The people we meet are put in our paths for reasons. Many times we discredit why they are in our lives. I have proof of this today. I was walking my dogs like I usually do around the pool area of my apartment complex. I walked past this balcony where the owners have two “fluffy” dogs that yip and yap at the door when anyone with a dog passes. It’s rather annoying and I am not fond of them. Am I right to judge them? Absolutely not. So today as I passed, the owner just came out seemingly ready for a walk for the night (had workout clothes on). She started talking to me and she actually remembered that my little dog Jack had some health issues. So we started talking. This is where it got interesting. It turns out that his lady is suffering with Lyme. She’s had the same experience that I had: doctors who don’t listen, pain and feeling like crap, seemingly feeling hopeless, and just depressed. She explained to me that she moved from the Seattle area where she had a great homeopath doctor but since she is new in this area she is not sure what is around. We got to talking about homeopathic medicine, doctors I know, places to get local organic foods etc. I explained my struggles and what I did. I gave her hope. I saw a light start to shine inside her. We continued to talk and I found out that she was a doctor in India once and she also did “reiki” (was called something else in India) . She told me I can work on Jack to heal him. Let me tell you, the reason and purpose for me running into her became clear.

Not only was I meant to give her the tools to find a good doctor (homeopath or LLMD) but renew her faith in healing. We talked about visualization and using Archangel Raphael to heal others. We talked about how you can with meditations and mantras you can do anything. I told her she should wake up and say ” I am going to have a great day. I am happy and healthy. Each breath I take I draw in healing energy and exhale the bad disease.” I explained that we are not put here on this earth to suffer without reason. Her Lyme is not what defines who she is.

She was smiling. She was inspired. I just randomly met a woman who was put in my path for me to give her the tools to begin her path to healing herself of Lyme. I gave her hope. I told her that the reason for her moving back to VA from Seattle was meant for her to heal herself, get back into using Reiki to heal not only herself and others, and to have a renewed faith.

We parted ways with her telling me that I am an angel sent to her. That statement practically made me cry.

People come into your life for reasons. This was one of those moments where I realized what it was. How incredible the experience is. I plan to give her more tools for social / medical help. And I’ll lead her to Angel Coaches! Had to share with you all this really awesome experience. I am blessed.

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