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I had an interesting experience the other day with my dogs. Quick introduction: I have a full-size greyhound named Kiki and an Italian Greyhound named Jack. Both are very social and “bomb proof”. Nothing scares them – not the usual suspects like thunder and lightening or people dressed in Halloween costumes, even the maintenance men of my complex are always welcomed. They are the most level tempered dogs I have ever had.

Just the other day I got home from work and riding and my girl Kiki was panting… as if she was left outside in the sun. No water was in the bowl. At first I got irritated because I had a dog walker come and I thought she had forgotten to fill the water bowl. Then I looked around. The chair was moved about 2 inches and same with the ottoman. Something I had on the ottoman was knocked off onto the floor and the rug clearly moved from where it was also. I then took the dogs (kids as I call them) out to go to the bathroom. Usually when I return from a walk, I’ll unhook their lease in the hallway and let them run up the stairs to the door to my apartment. I opened the front door and Kiki stopped and turned around, running back down the stairs. THAT is when I knew something was wrong.

She kept on looking up to the ceiling. Nothing would calm her down. I tried to coddle her … snuggle up and scratch her like she usually likes but that didn’t work. This panting and out-of-sorts behavior continued up until bed time. She wouldn’t leave my room to go downstairs by herself, and would just stare at me while I was in bed. I got up and smudged the apartment. I had a feeling she “SAW” something. As I was smudging I simply said that I only welcome positive spirits that give love and light. I felt the apartment was good with energy. Kiki however did not. As I was laying there I connected with Kiki. She saw a spirit. It freaked her out. I felt her nervous energy and I knew… she saw something. So I decided to talk to the angels and mentioned that I welcome visitors but they need to manifest to my dogs in a kinder more gentler manner. I asked that whomever was visiting to leave temporarily so Kiki can rest. Quite instantly, I felt peace.

The next day Kiki was better. I am quite certain she was exhausted since she didn’t sleep much (neither did I). She began to stop looking up to the ceiling and began to act more like her normal self.

As I begin to ascend and blend that line between the dimensions, I am beginning to dream of other dimensions and experience things I never have before. This includes the visitation of spirits and angels. Dogs (and all animals really) can see spirits easier than we do. Possibly because they lack the ego. I am certain after much “analysis” that Kiki saw one of my spirits. I am grateful that I can communicate with the angels and spirits to bring the two “realms” together – simply asking them to be more gentle in their communication with my dogs.

It was a very interesting experience none-the-less!! Had to share the experience with you all!

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