Who Are You?

Do you know who you are? Can you describe your divine being beyond your career, relationship status and rolls you play? Can you feel it in your soul, your reason for being?

You are the point of light where Spirit sparks and creates. You are the point where Spirit brought forth life. The Spirit in your parents was the divine tool used to create you, regardless of who or what they are or were.

When Spirit gave you life and you agreed to your soul contract, the great God and Goddess gave you so much power. Within you is a never ending, unbreakable connection to them, to Spirit, to Source.

This is your guide, your map, your way to who you are. Look within and ask “Who Am I?” and you will hear “You are the I Am, a precious gift, a beautiful blessing, a powerful soul and a meaningful being.”

If you don’t hear that, if your very being doesn’t vibrate and sing with that very truth, then get ready. I have worked with Spirit to create so many wonderful tools to help you find the I Am within.

Through listening and practice, following my guides and communing with Spirit, I Am bringing to you everything you need. Prepare you soul and stay tuned. You divine birthright is at hand for you to know who you are.

With Love,

Whitney Ladd

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