Whitney Ladd

Do you feel like you’re missing something in life, or there’s something calling to you? Let this coach help you clearly hear and answer that call. Whitney is a clairaudient, clairsentinent, medium and intuitive who is passionate about making the most out of life and appreciating every moment. She can help you find your purpose, hone your passion, learn to love yourself, set goals and achieve your dreams. She can also help you uncover and develope your own spiritual gifts. If you’re ready to live a happy and meaningful life with fulfilling relationships then Whitney is your Angel Coach.

Using her divine gifts to experience many miracles in her life prepared Whitney to answer her own call to live a higher purpose. At age 26 she was diagnosed with breast cancer; after undergoing chemo and radiation therapies, she had a double mastectomy and reconstruction. Once cleared of cancer she decided to live her life to the fullest. She started working with her angels to create a self transformation program that changed her life from the inside out. She is happily married and lives in North Carolina with her husband, three fur babies and Louie the cat. She is also active in cancer support groups and will be heading up our non-profit organization.

Whitney can help you become the person your soul is longing to be. Through coaching, classes and The 7 Gifts Life Transformation workshops, you will be guided and supported through a total life change. Peeling off layers of who you are not, so the true you can shine is the fastest and most permanent way to set your life on its divine course. While it requires work and commitment, Whitney will walk the path with you, one she has walked and continues to daily. Through divine guidance, passion for creation and daily spiritual practice, Whitney is living a life she loves; let her show you how. Look for her radio show and publications coming soon.

Contact Whitney and find out more at www.whitneyladd.com