Victoria Whitehead

Victoria wants to help you find your passion and to better understand why we are here on this planet and what your role is in this lifetime. Your passion in life is at your reach and often times we decide what we should be doing as a passion based on what is socially acceptable and not on what our souls purpose is. When you understand what your role is in this lifetime, your passion becomes clear and work becomes more enjoyable. We all have a reason and a purpose in this lifetime and Victoria wants to help you find it. Coaching helped Victoria tap into her gifts and so much more, let it help you too.

Victoria sought out Terryee because of having problems meeting a man. She had no idea that there were other areas of growth that needed to happen for her to attract the man of her dreams. She had a good job and made great money but was miserable. With time, Victoria was able to get to a point in her life with Lyme Disease where it was managed with minimal drugs, but the 9 years it took to heal took a toll on her mind, body and spirit connection. She worked hard to love herself and repair years of negativity, as well as find her soul’s purpose: helping others heal with the use of majestic horses that have strong energy exchanges with humans. She soon realized that each soul has a purpose in their lifetime and we are living life trying to find that path – she can help you find it!

Let Victoria provide you with the tools to learn what your passion is and soul’s purpose. Knowing these opens so many doors of opportunities and happiness for you. She wants to help you realize that life is wonderful and enjoyable with lots of love and passion. You can work with angels and understand who is there to help guide you daily. She can teach you how to meditate to relax your spirit to open the channels of communication between you and the higher dimension. Everyone has a connection with their higher self, it is just a matter of learning how to and suppressing the ego. Through coaching, workshops and classes Victoria can help you reach your fullest spiritual potential. How exciting!

Victoria learned Lyme Disease was present in her lifetime to help her realize circumstances do not define who she is as a person, she doesn’t have to allow disease to be who she is. She can help you see that in your own life as well.