The Everyday Journey

Trust and follow the journey. Believe the path is being layed and you are to live one day at a time to its fullest, being who you really are. Allow the open space for Miracles, Magic, Joy and Creation to take hold and take flight in your life and soul.

Remember who you really are and let it show you the wonders of everyday. Life is abound with Love, Beauty, Blessings and Happiness for those who choose to seek it out daily. Let the marvels and adventure back into your life and walk the path before you.

You have a passion inside of you, the truth of your soul longing to be set free. Know you are on the path to your higher purpose and unfoldment. Day by day, one step at a time, one choice at a time, one thought at a time.

You may feel lost and unsure of your purpose, or you may be fully rooted and grounded in Who you are. Either way, this life is your opportunity to make a difference and make a change.

Start to see who you are, who your soul wants to be, when you look into the mirror. Choose to see that! Start to take off qualities that are not really you: sarcasm, untruths, hurts, unforgiveness of self and others, shame, guilt and anger.

All of these lock you in place and hold you back from the destiny of the beautiful path waiting for you, calling to you. Open your life to more wonderous things than you can imagine. Life is waiting to provide for and surprise you along the way.

Take heart, you are not alone and help is always just a prayer and a thought away.  Fall is a magical time, let it bring your joy and happiness within. Peace and blessings on your journey.


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