Ego vs Higher Self 34

As you begin your spiritual journey, the balance of the mind, body, spirit is vital to the journey. The Ego is driven by the negative thoughts where as the higher self will always have thoughts of others, love, and compassion. When you begin to recognize that your thoughts are driven […]

Chance meeting? or not? 153

The people we meet are put in our paths for reasons. Many times we discredit why they are in our lives. I have proof of this today. I was walking my dogs like I usually do around the pool area of my apartment complex. I walked past this balcony where […]

Visitors from Beyond 170

I had an interesting experience the other day with my dogs. Quick introduction: I have a full-size greyhound named Kiki and an Italian Greyhound named Jack. Both are very social and “bomb proof”. Nothing scares them – not the usual suspects like thunder and lightening or people dressed in Halloween […]