Intuitive Message for Your Spiritual Journey



You’re thoughts are manifesting instantly, so be sure to keep your mind-set focused upon what you DO desire.  Give any fearful thoughts to Heaven for transmutation.  Continue with your affirmations, visualizations, mantras, decrees, or whatever it is that you use to focus your intent towards as you work with the universe to create and manifest.

You may be asked to speak in front of a group this week on some spiritual related topic.  It is your choice to accept this assignment or not.  Nobody will be hurt or offended if you refuse.  However, you are growing and expanding on your spiritual journey and this experience is just what your soul needs at this time.

You may receive advice from someone who excels at creative solutions.

If you are in a position of spiritual leadership, now is the time to devote your energy and intent to focusing on the task or tasks at hand. Focus!  Focus!  Focus!  Use the power of the number 111 that the angels are sending your way to help you manifest your desires instantly.  You are a natural-born leader with great charisma, charm, flair and you inspire others with your enthusiasm.  You are making a difference!

Sue Wilcox

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