Forgiveness & Healing

Forgiveness is the key to healing not only emotional wounds but can open the door for extraordinary physical healing. Sometimes physical illness is an indication of old hurts never released. If you are facing a physical illness then I highly encourage you to look inside to where you need to let go of hurt and offer forgiveness.

Forgiveness is not always meant for others, often times it is forgiving yourself that is the most important step to unlock your own healing capabilities. Whether that be forgiveness for allowing yourself to play the victim or some other wrong done to yourself or others. You deserve forgiveness so offer it to yourself.

Healing can occur on many levels. Once the door is opened from forgiveness work, you may find your soul, mind, emotions and physical self all experience the healing touch. Forgiveness was the biggest factor in my own healing when I was battling breast cancer. While it was an emotional tolling, it paved a beautiful path to the person I am and wanted to be.

Often times on the journey we are guided to the help we need. Maybe its a person, an experience, a beautiful realization, a song or even an article such as this. Whatever synchronicity leads you to the guidance you seek, my prayer for you is you recognize the gift when you encounter it and allow it to work and move in your life.

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