Diane Bucci

ImageDiane Bucci is an author, speaker, spiritual coach, and retail general manager.  Her first book, The Return of Mikey, is a biography of her late son’s life, and it won The Irwin Award for “Most Inspirational Book of 2012.”  Mikey still continues to make his spiritual presence known, and while some of his pranks may not exactly be “inspirational”, they have put to rest the question of whether or not people retain their sense of humor after they die.

Everyone has a book inside of them, waiting to be published, and Diane can help struggling writers with anything from editing to publishing.  She’s also done quite a bit of ghostwriting for other authors in all types of genres.

Diane co-wrote a book with Terryee, entitled, “You mean there’s a LAW that says he has to be ATTRACTED to me?” – A psychic and a humorist explain metaphysics.  Diane is the humorist of the duo, although she has intuitive abilities of her own.  She has applied the Law of Attraction principles to her own life to create the life she’s always wanted, and she helps others to do the same through coaching sessions.  Diane will walk you through the steps involving self-analysis to discover why you attract people into your life that hurt you, visualization techniques to reinvent how you see yourself and your potential, and give you some simple hands-on techniques that will prevent you from making the same mistakes in your next relationship.