Victoria Whitehead

Paris 545

Ahh…. it disheartens me to know there has been another attack against humanity. The goal of ISIS is to bring upon fear in the world and gain their goal of world dominance. The problem is, is that this is not what they will achieve. ISIS is here to show us […]

Being Mindful and Meditation 410

I know the word meditation seems so complicated.   You always ask yourself, “Am I doing this right?”   “Is it working?”.   You read about meditation and it’s an elaborate method of setting up a sacred space, candles, incense, alters etc.   It varies depending on who wrote the information about meditation.   I […]

Akashic Records, Past lives and Soul Planning…. 429

Tonight’s show was about the Akashic records… what they are and how you can access them.   The steps are simple but practice will make perfect.  Have clear intentions of what you want to know.  It should be about yourself and a scenario that is specific.  If you ask a vague […]

What is your purpose? 236

Society should never dictate what you should do in your life. We often times chose professions based on how much money we should make and what job is socially acceptable. How about choosing a profession that is what you are meant to do in this lifetime??? Your soul’s purpose!!! We […]

Your Soul Plan and Death 510

It was a difficult topic to discuss on Thursday. Death invokes a lot of emotions that sometimes cloud our higher self. As we saw with Valerie in the example I discussed, Dustin and DC both had a soul agreement from the very beginning that they were to die and early […]

Animal Communication 364

As humans, we have this special bond with animals. There are more people who have animals in their home, than don’t. This close bond has allowed us to really know what our animal wants or needs and this is not by happenstance. Just like with people, we can feel the […]

Soul Planning – Physical Illnesses 423

Soul Planning Part 2! Why does the soul plan to have specific illnesses? How can this possibly be something we want in a lifetime? We must remember that the duality we see in the world – the good/ bad, right/wrong – sits in marked contrast to the neutrality of the […]

Soul Planning – The Fundamentals 345

Why do we plan before we are born to have certain experiences – including great challenges in our lives? We are put on this earth to balance emotions, energies and experiences from prior lifetimes. This balance allows us to learn and grow spiritually as a soul. Way you can see […]

Ego vs Higher Self 16

As you begin your spiritual journey, the balance of the mind, body, spirit is vital to the journey. The Ego is driven by the negative thoughts where as the higher self will always have thoughts of others, love, and compassion. When you begin to recognize that your thoughts are driven […]

Chance meeting? or not? 135

The people we meet are put in our paths for reasons. Many times we discredit why they are in our lives. I have proof of this today. I was walking my dogs like I usually do around the pool area of my apartment complex. I walked past this balcony where […]