Allison Gill

Image (4)Allison is an empath, clairsentient, a spiritual healer and has the gift of channeling. She receives messages and guidance from angels as well as her higher self. She realized her gifts at the age of seven when her family had returned from living a board; they were on the way to a family function while driving around in circles, Allison spoke up then told her mother that she knew where to go. Her mother replied Allison you don’t know where to go you haven’t been here since you were an infant. She quickly explained to her mother that she just knew and let her show them; soon they arrived at their destination. Allison’s mother hugged her and told her you indeed have a gift.

Allison always knew she was different, had these gifts, but did not fully acknowledge them until 5 years ago, when she had a major life changing event. Allison uses her gifts and abilities to coach individuals with finding their higher power, helping parents along with teachers to understand as well as teach and parent their indigo, crystal, and rainbow children. She helps others to find their path to a life of prosperity and well being in teaching, business career, life choices and love. She has a degree in Biology, Child Development, holds a Montessori teaching certificate: birth through Three, and a Primary Certificate 2.5 to 6. She is a Reiki Spiritual Healer, reads Angel cards and can do automatic writing when requested. Allison is a Certified Angel Coach.